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The Glass Image

"Stained Glass Windows and More"

"Etched Glass "

This design was etched into 1/8 inch thick glass. Need to be careful carving on such thin glass.

Forever Love - A beautiful gift from the heart not just for Valentine's Day but for any occasion.

A close-up view of the etched center entryway panel for the McHenry Residence, Spyglass Hill, Newport Beach, CA.

Lift-Off - a great example of taking an idea and transforming it into a Delta Rocket Launch.

Sammy - is the SouthShore Inc. Building Maintenance Company's website mascot.

Crouching Tiger - an example of Surface Etching Detail.

Etched Starburst carved into the center of the Bevel Cluster.

Long May She Wave - a great gift to show your Patriotic Spirit. Fused with Red, White and Blue COE 96 glass. The 50 stars are sandblasted.

The 11th A.C.R. Black Horse Regiment. A combination of Fusing, Etching and Painting.