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The Glass Image

"Stained Glass Windows and More"

"Fused Glass "

The Rolling Stones - Need I say more. 3 layers of Fused Glass and then Etched.

Sammy - Mold Forming, Fusing, Etching, Painting, Embossing, Epoxy, Drilling and some Torch Work all went in to creating this little desk top guy.

Lift Off - I wanted to try and replicate a Delta Rocket Launch by mounting the fused rocket to a stand adding decals of the rocket sponsers and manufacturers. I created the cloud by embossing and etching 1 layer of glass at different levels to separate the cloud sections giving it a more realistic effect.

The 11th A.C.R. Black Horse Regiment. A combination of Fusing, Etching and Painting.

11th A.C.R. Black Horse Regiment.

A Serving Plate Fused with Noodles, Stringers and Confetti.

Sand Art Tapestry with the help of Painting the Palm Trees.

Sand Art Tapestry - A technique in Vertical Glass design using Glass Sand called Frit between 2 layers of glass and then Fused together.

The One That Got Away - using Opal Art glass and Frit fused together and then re-fired again to slump and bend the glass, giving the illusion of the fish jumping out of the water and snapping the line. A hole was drilled at the mouth to insert a real hook and copper line. Mounted on a piece of lava rock I found while hiking. Some added moss and signage to give it a more personal meaning.

Jesus Loves the Little Children - I used the bright colors in this piece to give it a more Traditional Church Window look and used Black Noodles turned sideways, in between the differant colors to make it look as if it was leaded.

A better view of the skateboard deck to show off the decal.

Glass Skateboard - An experimental project I made for my brother Dave. The glass deck is 2 layers fused together with a high temp. decal used to create the effect of a sunset.

Another nice serving plate using Noodles, Stringers and Confetti.

Here is a great example of when a project does'nt quite turn out right. This was supposed to be a Pendant Lamp but turned out to make a better Candy Bowl instead.

Flame On - A Pendant Lamp.

Blue Opal Art glass with a double border of Clear strips zig-zagging around the outside.

Sand Art Tapestry Sunset.

The Wind Blowing Ripples in the flag give it a more realistic look.

A great example of Fused Glass as the center piece incorporated into a Leaded Panel.

A colorful Pendant Lamp.